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Click on one of the Icons to the right to learn more about AMI's Networking Groups & Teams.  AMI manages several networking and professional groups here in Bay County Florida comprised of non-competing, professional business people who meet regularly. We call them Power Connectors!
A-Team & NexTus Team are direct referral networking, professional groups of POWER CONNECTORS here in Bay County Florida comprised of non-competing, professional business people who meet regularly to share information pertaining to doing business in Bay County as well as exchanging direct referrals. Each network team is comprised of one representative for each industry in order to encourage the free and easy exchange of communication among the members.  We meet to build strong relationships that aid in our ability to pass direct referrals. When thinking of what being apart of an Answer Marketing Direct Referral Group means think "Power Connectors mixed with a whole lot of PR"!  
S.M.A.R.T. is a team of professional businesses and individuals here in Bay County Florida comprised of members who meet regularly to learn about social media, how to use it, what's new on it, where to be seen on it and more!  We all need to be on social media but we also need to run our business - this group helps you learn just what you need so you can get back to business!



NexTus Team